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Water Sports,Bodyboards

The Chief PP Bodyboard | Made for Big Guy Bodyboarders | Larger Riders Will Enjoy The Waves | Heavy People Will Float Bodyboards

Water Sports,Bodyboards Bodyboards

  • Engineered to bring high performance to the 200lb-plus rider | Big Guy Bodyboard by Tribe Boards | For the larger rider in your family
  • The Chief has every bit the high-tech design and construction of any high-end board, but with a bit more girth and volume to keep you gliding with the best of 'em!
  • It offers a 1.9pcf beaded polypro core, 2 Carbon Fiber A-Grade stringers, Surlyn slick bottom with an added Slick Mesh and graduated channels
  • Designed by professional bodyboarders Jay and Vicki Reale. They stand behind their products with 100% satisfaction!
  • Sizes:?42 Inch (for riders up to 6' tall) | 43.5 Inch (for riders 6'1-6'3) | 45 Inch (for riders 6'4 and up)

The Chief PP Bodyboard | Made for Big Guy Bodyboarders | Larger Riders Will Enjoy The Waves | Heavy People Will Float

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